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A small plates paper plate is a disposable plate made from paperboard material, often derived from the kraft process. These strong paper plates for hot food are commonly used for serving food in various settings, providing a convenient and hygienic solution, particularly in situations where washing reusable dishes is impractical. The construction may include a layer of polyethylene (PE) coating for resistance to moisture, and they come in various sizes and designs to cater to different serving needs. Cardboard paper plates find applications in picnics, parties, outdoor events, fast-food establishments, and more. They are typically designed for single-use and are disposed of after use.


Benefits Of packing plates for food

Regulatory Compliance

Cardboard is generally considered safe for food contact, and many paper plate for hot dog is compliant with food safety regulations. This makes them suitable for packaging food products, ensuring that they meet the necessary standards.


Cardboard paper is highly recyclable, and many consumers are environmentally conscious and prefer products with recyclable paper plates and dishes. Using paper snack plates aligns with these consumer preferences and contributes to a more sustainable packaging solution.

Good price

The price is much better and easy using in your life, free your hand for washing and they are easy for the food which will be taken out, the price can get with much cheaper due to the material is easy to get and the production is also easily and quick.

Good service

We supply our customers designing support with freely, you can get our die cut file and do the design on the file. Supply you a solution for your food with a customized plain paper plates is available, you can share more of your information to let us know more.



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High quality of paper plate packaging


High Quality Of Paper Plate Packaging 1

Microwave safe

It is more safe for you to heating it if you need in the microwave, any food and any other products that can be putted on the plates and can be safe using.

High Quality Of Paper Plate Packaging 2

Oil resistant

Fried and hot food is safe and available with our paper plates with lids, it is water resistant and oil resistant for using with any food.

High Quality Of Paper Plate Packaging 3

Smooth surface

The smooth surface allow you can use it for any food, also allow you can use it for any paint in your drawing or leaning.

Why choose us as your paper sushi plates supplier


Collaborative Innovation

Working closely with a factory allows for collaborative efforts in terms of product innovation and continuous improvement. Factories may be more open to experimenting with new materials or design concepts to meet your evolving needs.


Professional production team

Due to the various of products that we are doing for our customers everyday, we do have a much professional team that knowing the boxes much better, and can supply you a much better products with suitable materials.


Advanced machines

Our auto machines can do the production with a quick speed, and the technology can help you do a good paper plates for lunch which will not broken easily and leakage. So you can get a very good product with much reasonable price, you can come to talk with more information.



Types of plate packaging

Plain siomai paper plate

Basic, plain cardboard paper plates without any decorative designs. They are versatile and suitable for various occasions.

Printed donut paper plates

Paper plates with decorative prints or patterns, often used for themed parties, events, or celebrations. The prints can range from simple designs to elaborate and colorful patterns.


Material Of Take Away Plates

Material Of Take Away Plates

Bamboo paper with PE coating:
The bamboo paper do have high quality now and the elegance performance during printing production, we can supply you different thickness paper for your different sizes of paper plates for hot food.


Kraft paper with PE coating:
Most of our kraft paper with white color and brown color are bought from abroad, with different thickness pure material for our restaurant disposable plates production.


Ivory board with PE coating:
This is a normal material which we can get from our local place, this is a ideal material for printing afternoon tea paper plates to make sure you can get a more colorful product.


How takeaway plate is Made


Decide the size

Size and shape are all can be get from us with round, square and rectangle shape, size can be more that can choice from us with 6inch to 12 inch, decide which size and which type you want for your buffet paper plates.


Decide the material

Due to the different material can be used for the material of the paper turkey plates, so you have to consider the material for the plates so we can prepare the matched material before production, it take some times normally.


Printing if necessary

Printing file is more important and necessary if you want to printing your plates, you can get help from us or you can share your finished file to us also, but blank paper plates are also much popular in the market.


Production and package

This is the last step for us, it is easy for production and it is also quick for production, this is the main reason that you can get very good price for dessert size paper plates from us. Checking and packaging in each lines during production, and then these boxes goes to the ares which ready for shipping.



Applications For Take Out Paper Plates

Picnics and Outdoor Events:
Cardboard paper plates are ideal for picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor gatherings where the convenience of disposable plates is preferred.


Parties and Celebrations:
Whether it's a birthday party, graduation celebration, or holiday gathering, cardboard paper plates are commonly used for serving snacks, appetizers, and desserts.


Casual Dinners and Meals:
In casual settings or informal dinners, cardboard paper plates provide a quick and easy solution for serving meals without the need for washing dishes.

Applications For Take Out Paper Plates


Maintenance Tips For takeaway plates with lids

In a cleaning place

You have to storage all of the food package products in a cleaning places which do not have dust and also bad smells, we suggest you do not storage them in a bag environment or it will infect your using.


Dry but not sunlight direct

The color of the paper products will be faded if you put them in the sunlight, especially for your printed products, it is more easier get faded if you put them in the sunlight, but the moisture environment will damage your paper plates.


Far away from fire

All of our paper products are easy flammable if they are close to fire, they are not fire resistant products as you know, so you have to put them far away from fire no matter you storage them or using them.


Not over fill

Each paper product do have the limited of its loading capacity, so you have to using the products with standard and can not use them over loading, or it is not safe and easy get damaged or leakage with our plates.


Q: Can you print on my customized paper plates?

A: We can help you do any printing on the paper plates.

Q: Can you help us with customized package for paper plates?

A: Printing carton box or smaller pack package are all ok for us.

Q: Can you do the design for us with a our personal information?

A: We can help you and this is free for you if you cooperate with us.

Q: Can you do a new molds for us if you do not have mold in your factory?

A: We can develop a new mold for you and most of the time it is free for support with the cost of the mold.


We're professional cardboard paper plate manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products with low price. If you're going to wholesale bulk cheap cardboard paper plate for sale, welcome to get free sample from our factory. Also, customized service is available.

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